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A great life happens when fashion and function come together. We are a family of female-founded brands that is passionate about crafting products to make life easier, more comfortable, and more stylish.

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Our brands are crafted with quality, comfort, and style in mind. We create world-class accessories that fill a need in our consumer’s life, and we are passionate about being with her every step of the way.



Life is a journey, and no one knows that better than the two female flight attendants who founded baggallini. They wanted a stylish and functional bagg that would take them around the world with ease, so they designed their own. Twenty years later, the baggs they created are still working hard for the everyday traveler.

So whether your day takes you five blocks or five time zones… Our baggs are there to help you glide effortlessly through it.



Our story starts in 1947 with a visionary female entrepreneur, Florence Melton. Not only did she invent the world’s first foam-soled, washable slipper, the company she founded grew to become the world’s number one slipper brand. 

70 years later, we pride ourselves on continuing her vision. We care a lot about comfort, and put uncompromising love into our products. Whenever you feel like coming home, Dearfoams is here for you. It’s a promise you can count on.



Every woman knows high heels can be painful to wear. And for some of us, even flats have their challenges. Orthopedic inserts can help with foot problems – but what about SHOE problems?

Foot Petals began with Tip Toes: our comfy, best-selling ball-of-foot cushions. Since then, we've developed solutions for slipping heels, lack of arch support, sore spots, and other common issues. Foot Petals ensure comfort and confidence, whether we're rocking our sexiest pumps or favorite flats. And you can always trust us to keep researching solutions for everyday problems; because we want the answers just as much as you do!