RG Barry is a leading developer and marketer of accessory lifestyle brands and products that provide fashion and function for a great life. The Company offers products in three distinct segments of the accessory universe – footwear, handbags and foot care. Our products are sold through national chains, mass merchants, warehouse clubs, department stores, independent and specialty retailers, boutiques, catalogs, home shopping networks and online retailers. We consistently are among the best-performing accessory companies in North America.


RG Barry Brands has transformed its business from a one-dimensional, modest growth slipper company into a multi-dimensional growing provider of functional, fashionable accessories for a great life.

This transformation continues to be fueled by our commitment to long-term, value-oriented growth and continuous focus on developing and maintaining a high-performing culture. Our mission, goals, values and beliefs guide and help sustain us sustain our reputation as a leader in the accessories marketplace.


The evolution of our business into a growing consumer-centric, brand management company has required the successful implementation of well-defined strategies, tremendous organizational focus and strong, capable leadership.

Today, RG Barry boasts an impressive team of coaches whose sole objective is to lead as we continue developing great accessories brands and fashionable, solution-oriented products that make life better for our consumers. They include:


Since introducing the world's first foam-soled, soft, washable slipper in 1947, our product focus and operating model have evolved beyond our footwear roots to serve the ever-changing accessories marketplace. That evolution was never more apparent than during fiscal 2011. We literally transformed our business from a one-dimensional, modest-growth slipper company into a multi-dimensional, growing provider of functional, fashionable accessory products with the acquisitions of two successful accessories businesses - Foot Petals, Inc. of Long Beach, California, and baggallini, Inc. of Portland, Oregon.


RG Barry believes that it is the responsibility of a good corporate citizen to support the communities in which it lives and works. Toward that end, the Company's Board of Directors annually sets aside a portion of pre-tax net profit for use in supporting various charitable and community endeavors.

Distribution of the Corporation's charitable gifts is controlled by an 8-member committee of RG Barry team members selected annually from throughout the Corporation.

Foot Petals

As one of the world's leading developers and marketers of fashion and functional accessory products, RG Barry is committed to attracting and developing the best talent available to it. We offer an exhilarating, high-performing team environment that is casual and fun; training and growth opportunities; and competitive pay and benefits.


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Stock Information
  Record Date   Distribution Date   Type  
  June 3, 1996   June 17, 1996   5 for 4  
  September 1, 1995   September 15, 1995   4 for 3  
  June 1, 1994   June 22, 1994   4 for 3  
  May 15, 1979   June 1, 1979   3 for 2  
  August 15, 1978   September 1, 1978   10%  
  May 1, 1975   1975   5%  
  May 1, 1974   June 2, 1974   5%  
  May 1, 1973   June 1, 1973   5%  
  May 1, 1972   June 1, 1972   3 for 2  
  May 4, 1971   June 15, 1971   10%  
  June 1, 1970   June 25, 1970   10%  
  June 2, 1969   1969   5 for 4  
  August 1, 1968   August 15, 1968   5 for 4  
  April 1967 / Dec. 29, 1967   1967   10% / 5 for 4  
  1966   1966   10%  
  May 10, 1965   June 1, 1965   10%