It’s the feeling you love. Comfort you can count on. The moment that you look forward to. It’s coming home—and it’s the inspiration behind everything we do at Dearfoams. Our story? It starts in 1947. Our founder, Florence Melton, knows something about cold winters, being a native of Ohio. When she dreamed up our first slipper, she knew it needed to be warm and cozy. But she didn’t stop there: she went on to fashion the world's first foam-soled, soft, washable slipper.

It was only the beginning. Dearfoams is a little company that cares a lot about comfort, and puts a lot of heart into our products. Whenever you feel like coming home, Dearfoams is there for you. It’s a promise you can count on. More than 60 years and a billion pairs later, people still love the exceptional comfort, style and quality provided by every pair of Dearfoams.

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